The Burden We Create

You wake up, and what’s the first thing you do; hit the snooze button on your alarm of course.   After hitting snooze another five times, you get up, get dressed and rush off to class.  You have three classes in a row with only fifteen minutes between each class.  It’s obvious that you need to socialize with your friends during that time.  After class comes lunch.  After all that hard work, a nap is much deserved.  With your nap over it is time to start homework.  Homework takes longer than you thought it would, and after homework its time get ready for bed.  Missing something?

Too often this is how my days go; without getting into my bible.  It’s easy to get distracted no matter who you are, and this is especially true for college students.  We have so much on our plate, and we view God’s word as a chore.  This contradicts what the bible says.  Jesus says in Mathew Chapter 11 verse 30, “For my yoke is easy to bear and the burden I give you is light.”  In the book of Psalms, many of the authors talk about God’s word being a source of peace, or renewal, or strength.  Often I find myself needing God’s word most in situations similar to the one painted above.  I need to remember that reading God’s word is not the burden I often think it is.  If it is, it is because I’m turning it into a burden because my heart is no in it.

If any of you, find yourselves in a situation like this, I encourage you to read even if it’s just one verse.  God seems to give me a verse I need to hear in these times.  I’m sure he will for you too.


One thought on “The Burden We Create

  1. Great work! I really like how you are targeting directly towards college kids in this post. It makes you think how much stress we create for ourselves without letting God help us out in the mean time.


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