The Great Debate

Over the years, Christianity has had its share of conflicts with modern movements; Christians and modern Science being one of the bigger ones that comes to mind.  Over the last 15-20 years, the conflict that has received the most public attention has been Christians’ view of sexuality especially as it pertains to homosexuality.  The debate has all kinds of people chiming in; the latest being the folks down at the Vatican.

But they’re just the latest to speak to the issue; celebrities  and recording artist have also made their voices known.  Hip Hop artist Macklemore discussed his views on the topis in his song “Same Love.”  A lesser known Christian artist known as Bizzle came out with “Same Love a Response” to which he does exactly that.  But celebrities aren’t the only ones that have voiced there opinions; major companies  have also been public with their takes on the subject at hand.

Back in 2012, Chic Fil A, a restaurant chain that is known for their religious views came under scrutiny among the public.  In showing his support for traditional marriage,  CEO Dan Cathy also voiced his lack disapproval of gay marriage.  Another company to make headlines regarding their views of homosexuality is Hobby Lobby, although the Supreme Court Case which they were involved in was not the centered around the topic being discussed.

One questions that arises from this topic is; “Despite all the backlash and criticism from society, why are Christians standing firm in their position?”  When debating the issue of homosexuality, people may cite Leviticus 20:13 as an example of how out of touch and how barbaric the Bible can be.  I admit this verse does come off has harsh, to say the least.  But allow me to attempt to provide possible reasoning behind this verse and offer some more encouraging verses.

Let’s say you had the ability to create something out of nothing, something living.  And let’s say you had a particular purpose for your new creation.  How would you feel if your creation didn’t do it, not out of inability or by lack of instruction.  Simply your creation chose to disobey you by not abiding by your purpose.  This is exactly what the Bible claims we did to God.

In the Christian faith, God created everything, including marriage.  God defined marriage to be between a man and a women and thus every other scenario is considered sin (Genesis 1: 27).  This is just a basic level for some of the reasoning behind the Christian views on the issue.  This does not give Christians an out for disrespecting a person based on their sexuality, however.  Christians have not always handled the debate in a way that represents Christ.  This is in part why I feel Christians have critiqued so heavily for their views.  I hope that this post provides a little more context to this great debate.


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