Not Perfect, But God Made it Worked

It was a beautiful, sunny, June day.  I was outside enjoying the sunshine, when I received a call.  It was my youth pastor Josh.  He told me that he was not going to be at youth group that night, and he needed someone one to speak.

I remember being  little nervous when he first asked.  However, I wasn’t as nervous as I have been in other public speaking situations.  I believe it was because God had already placed the basis of a lesson within my heart.

I arrived early to a dark and quiet youth center.  I had to get there earlier than usual, because I had to put together my PowerPoint.  Usually I arrive after the worship team has started to practice.

As the night progressed, I got a tad nervous; I remember breathing heavily right before I went on stage.  To calm my self down, I took deep breaths and prayed.

Though I was not perfect, I thought I was effected.  I give all the credit to God.  It was because God was there and working in me that I did as well as I did.


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