My Problem With “Human Nature”

About a month ago, I wrote a post discussing what I called the Great Debate.  The debate referring to the topic of Homosexuality and its view by Christians.  In that first post, all I wanted to do was to provide a little context to those who aren’t familiar with the Scriptures; the Bible or God’s word.   In that post, I briefly brought up the topic of human nature.  I would like to discuss that in this post.  Specifically, I would like to discuss how we use the term “human nature” as a cop-out.

I have grown very frustrated that term.  We as a society use it to justify ourselves when we are wrong.  In the bible, it talks about us being born with a sin nature.  This is why no one has to teach babies to take what isn’t theirs, or small children to lie to their parents.  Romans 7:18 says, “And I know that nothing good lives in me, that is, my sinful nature.  I want to do what is right, but I can’t.”  This verse demonstrates the power of our sin nature, by saying that even when we want to the right think we are unable to.

As I mentioned earlier, what frustrates me most is how we use the term “human nature” justify ourselves.  As if,  just because we were born with a natural longing to do wrong makes it okay to do it.  Just because something is natural doesn’t mean that it’s right.   The problem with the term  “human nature” is that it implies the person had no cause in the wrongdoing.   It sounds a lot nicer to say human nature compared to sin nature.


2 thoughts on “My Problem With “Human Nature”

  1. The sin nature is human nature and that is why people sin. The truth of man’s depravity doesn’t absolve the sinner of his responsibility before the Holy God not to sin but to walk in righteousness. This is impossible for the sinner who is dead in trespasses and sins. Praise God He delivers us from this death trap through faith in His glorious Son Jesus Christ and Christ’s work of propitiation on the cross for all mankind, but especially for those who believe in Him. God bless you:)

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