Merry Christmas or Happy Holiday? What about Hanukkah or Kwanzaa?

It’s that time of year once again; it’s time to decide whether to be a Merry Christmas person or a Happy Holidays person.  This debate has been one that used to enrage me.  I use to feel  so strongly about saying Merry Christmas, but over the years I have mellowed down.  I think what bugged me most was the way people on the other side of the debate came across.  It was as if some were saying Merry Christmas was wrong.  There are others that have had similar feelings, such as Bill O’Riely.  Bill takes it to a whole new level that I’m not quite willing to go to, however.

CBC News posted a great article on the topic, as it presents a reason why people get so riled up.  The article suggested deep values as a reason.  In the piece people talked about how discussing one’s values can make situations very tenses.


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