Why did you choose this topic?   I chose this topic with the intention of wanting to practice discussing subject matters that are important to me, and that are some-what controversial.

How would you classify the voice of the blog?  Th voice is simply my opinions on the subjects.  I try to stay as informed as possible on the subjects I discuss.

What do you actually believe about God?  I believe what the bible says about God;  I believe that God created the world and everything in it.  I believe that all men and women have sinned and have no relationship with God.  This changes when a man, woman,  boy, or girl accepts Christ in their life.

What do you mean by “Accept Christ into their life?”  What I mean, is that he or she believes that they are sinners.  They believe that Jesus was both man and God, and that lived without sin to died for everyone.

You post on subject matters that can be controversial, are you open to discussions with those that don’t agree with you?
I’m open to discussions with anyone who will respect my viewpoints and I will do the same.

If you have any other Questions that have not been answered feel free to leave a Comment. 




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