Too Good to be True? Na

Is anything really free?  We have come to be cynical and expect there to be a catch whenever we see the word free.  Most of the time, this trait is a useful one to have, but are there situations where it isn’t too good to be true?

In Christianity, this question gets asked when discussing salvation and how to get to heaven.  A lot of people who aren’t familiar with Christianity tend to think every Christian denomination falls under the Catholic church and their believes.  This is a false assessment, however.  When it comes to salvation (the most crucial concept in Christianity and what makes it unique) the Catholics believe in doing enough good deeds to get you to heaven.  On the surface this may make senses, but thankfully for us this is not the case.

Thankfully there is a much simpler and less exhausting way.; faith in Jesus.  Accepting the FREE gift that is the cross.  And unlikely a lot of so-called “free’ things, there are no strings attached with this one.